Buy eCopy FAQ

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#1 Question... What software replaced eCopy Desktop. 
Paperworks Screen shot = same as Desktop version's 8 and 9
Answer; Paperworks same look and feel yet works in Windows 7, and 64bit machines.

Hello, and welcome. Our company is owned and operated by former Canon and eCopy Inc employees. We date back to 1992 when eCopy Inc introduced their solutions.  We own many eCopy domains "be found". We deliver eCopy branded Software to your email inbox  in 30 minutes or less. We use Google sites which includes Google checkout for your secure and safe buying experience. Nuance the Company purchased eCopy Inc the company in 2009, keeping the eCopy brand. Today you can buy two solutions: eCopy Paperworks "same look and feel as eCopy Desktop" or eCopy PDF Pro Office. As was stated Nuance kept the eCopy brand and along side Paperworks introduced their PDF program. We have ShareScan engineers both V4 and V5 on staff too enabling our company to sell, deliver, and install eCopy's ShareScan Solutions

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Question: What is the relationship between Nuance and eCopy?
Answer: Nuance purchased eCopy Inc the company in 2009 and kept the eCopy brand & added PDF Pro Office to the lineup. 

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Question: What is 5thNK's relationship with Nuance? 
Answer: We are able to purchase for resell all eCopy branded software now owned by Nuance. We worked side by side with many of the eCopy knowledge workers that are still on staff. On purpose I used knowledge workers because when Nuance purchased eCopy a lof of that knowledge was let go in layoffs and such. We are a part of the knowledge that formed 5thNK. eCopy branded solutions is our LIFE blood and you the customer our life line. 

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Question: Who is 5thNK?  
Answer: We are a company made up of former Canon USA Inc and eCopy Inc employees. We date back to punch cards in college. We used typewriters too. Since eCopy Inc the company was founded in 1992 is how long we have been educating ourselves on eCopy's culture and their software solutions. 5thNK is a street name in Auburn WA, just south of Seattle whereby as kids we would gather to play. Hey you want to meet up at 5thNK? Good times, good memories, is what our culture is all about. The long and the short of it is we are a software company, with a tag line of "Work Flow that Works." 

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Question: How are you able to sell single user licenses? 
Answer: Nuance has allowed the purchase of single user licenses since 2009. 

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Question: How are you able to sell 5packs, 10packs, 20packs with 1 year of support. We thought we had to buy with min 3yrs?
Answer: You can from 5thNK because we choose to buy for resell the above mentioned with 1 year of support. It is actually 18 months of support

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Question: If I have customers who are  former users of eCopy Desktop software which software is exactly like Desktop
Answer: Paperworks has the same user interface as Desktop 8.x and 9.x.  "Request a Demo."

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Question: Will eCopy Paperworks and eCopy PDF Pro Office work  in windows 7, 64bit machines, and terminal services? 
Answer: YES to windows 7, 64bit machines, and terminal services. Paperworks is the replacement to Desktop software. The reason it was introduced was becuase it has a new code base that allows it to work in the above environments listed. Windows server 2008 R2 eCopy PDF Pro Only! 

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Question: What is eCopy PDF Pro Office?
Answer: Nuance the company invented PDF Pro Office and branded it with eCopy, thus... eCopy PDF Pro Office. It is a PDF software program that is more powerful than a full version of Acrobat AKA Acrobat Professional. 

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Question: Which is the better of the two programs as you have them for the exact same price on your main site?
Answer: Depends on how you define better? Better for existing Desktop users is a like for like interface = Paperworks 
Better for some users is that eCopy PDF Pro Office will extract documents or parts of the document to an excel spread sheet. 
Paperworks can extract to word but not to excel.  Click here to see a picture of Paperworks 

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Question: If I buy paperworks can I change to eCopy PDF Pro Office?
Answer: YES as long as you have a support contract in place. There is no charge to change to this program. Nuance is calling it an upgrade.
the fact is though it is not an upgrade as it is a different code based program. Upgrades by definition mean that the upgrade you are installing 
decommissions the existing software and writes over it. eCopy PDF Pro will live as a 2nd program on you computer and does not wipe out 
eCopy Paperworks. What this means is you can use both. 

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Question: How do you deliver the software?
Answer: We deliver the software to your email inbox. Deliverables: Link to download, Product key, Manuals 

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Question: How long does it take to get the software we just purchased? 
Answer: We deliver to your e-mail inbox in 30 minutes or less. 

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Question: We come across a lot of eCopy blogs, twitter accounts, and other domains with ecopy in them are these from 5thNK? 
Answer: Most likely yes. We own 100 blogs, 600 plus twitter accounts, 50 domains. We registered our 1st domain and started our internet journey in 1996. "We are not spring chickens."  For instance we purchased the domain and you will see listed there customers of ours that purchased through 5thNK, eCopy branded software solutions. 

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Question: You have as a link Office 365 what is Office 365? 
Answer: 5thNK is a Microsoft Office 365 Partner. Office 365 is Microsoft's "in the cloud offering" As a Microsoft Partner we are given authority by Microsoft to message, and assist folks with this experience. What it really means is we have folks on staff that took the tests from Microsoft and passed them. Our list of Microsoft customers keeps on growing. 

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Question: your main site is that who our bill comes from when using Google checkout? 
Answer: YES, your credit card will will be from LLC. Our Location is the US of A in Federal Way WA, just South of Seattle WA. LLC 

At the end of the day (number one phrase we use to use in the hallways at eCopy Inc) 
 for Nuance's eCopy branded solutions it really is... 5th and K 
AKA... Street name in Auburn WA whereby as kids we would congregate to do what kids did back in the late 1970's :)
NERDS... YES and proud of it. 
Our Office 365 site speaks highly to being NERDS. Come on... ET as your home button?